We have a range of diagnostic equipment including an in-house laboratory, and general and dental X-ray machines. All Creatures Veterinary Surgery was extended 5 years ago to allow separate hospitalisation of cats and dogs and to generally improve and update the existing facilities.


Both hospitalisation wards have piped oxygen available for very sick patients. Our cages are stainless steel so that sterilisation can be carried out effectively. All in-patients have warm blankets or vet beds to make them comfortable.

Preparation room

Our preparation room houses our X-ray facilities and the dentistry equipment.

We have one standard X-ray machine for general use, and a dental X-ray machine for assessing teeth.

Cats particularly are prone to tooth root erosion that is invisible to the naked eye, so our X-ray machine is important in detecting teeth that need extraction. Our dental equipment allows for descaling and polishing, and all types of extraction.

In house laboratory

Our laboratory includes a microscope, facilities for analysing urine, and machines that allow rapid blood analysis. There is also a local laboratory that we use for a wider range of tests.


This allows to monitor heart rhythms and can also detect heart enlargment.

Our blood pressure monitor detects animals with hypertension. Early detection can help to prevent irreversible damage to the kidneys, eyes and brain.


We use isoflurane as our anaesthetic gas. This is a very modern and safe anaesthetic for all species, including small pets such as hamsters and gerbils.

During anaesthesia, animals are constantly monitored by trained staff. Our pulse oximeter which monitors heart rate and oxygen levels in our anaesthetised patients, gives us valuable information and maximises safety.

We use infusion pumps to administer fluids and control blood pressure under anaesthesia.


We have a dedicated sterile theatre for operations, that is kept at a higher temperature than the rest of the Practice. This helps to speed up patients’ recovery from the anaesthetic. We have an extensive range of surgical equipment and can perform most procedures here.

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